Basic substance

Basic substance based in nettle leaves

Efficient against red spider

Foliar application

botella de urtiqas

URTIQAS is a product made of nettle (Urtica dioica L.), a cosmopolitan herb of the Urticaceae family, approved as a Basic Substance according to the Reg. 1107/2009 (CAS No: 84012-40-8).

Authors such as Tomczyk and Szymanska (1995) and Kawka and Tomczyk (2002) demonstrated the sharp reduction in fertility, longevity and feeding intensity of the red spider (Tetranychus urticae, Koch) after the application of this type of extract.

URTIQAS is a product obtained after fermentation, maceration and filtration of fresh nettle leaves. The careful selection of the variety, with confidential origin, as well as its development in the laboratory, makes that URTIQAS is specially developed to combat the red spider.

Use in organic farming approved by CAAE under the requirement RCE 834/2007 & NOP

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

Do not apply at high temperatures. Harvest from 7 days after applying the product.