Defense Boosters

Silicon based liquid product

Defense System Activator

ORSILIK is a Silicon based product that acts on the natural defense system of plants. ORSILIK promotes efficient mobilization, transfer, absorption and fixation of silicon. Its integration into cell walls gives greater integrity to the epidermis, the barrier of plants against the outside environment.
ORSILIK increases the natural defense mechanisms of the plant against biotic (insects and diseases) and abiotic (drought, salinity, etc.). Because of its mode of action based on the defensive nature of plants, ORSILIK can be used for any crop.

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

Do not mix with products that lower the pH of the mixture below 6.5. When applied with hard water, use a hardness corrector. Before preparing a final mixture, compatibility tests must be carried out. In case of doubt, consult the Technical Department.