Geyflow MgMnZn


Concentrated suspension of Magnesium (Mg) Manganese (Mn) and Zinc

GELYFLOW MgMnZn is a high quality root fertilizer, aimed at preventing and / or correcting deficiencies of Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc. Especially indicated for citrus and crops with needs of these nutrients. It is a product that has a series of adjuvants that give it a stability in the suspension that makes it suitable for use. Zn, as an essential element, acts in the plant in the nucleic acid synthesis, as an enzyme cofactor and in the metabolism of auxins. Mn acts primarily in the synthesis of chlorophyll, in the protein synthesis and in the photosynthesis. Mg is important in the plant respiration and in the nucleic acid synthesis. Its high concentration makes it possible to effectively correct these deficiencies or complement the covert applications, especially when these are limited by soil conditions, climate or those of the crop. GELYFLOW MgMnZnallows to provide a large amount of nutrients with very small volumes, saving on transport and handling of containers.

Available formats

Mixtures and Compatibilities

Avoid mixtures directly with strong acids, as well as with emulsifiable products and alkaline reaction products. Before preparing a final mixture, perform compatibility tests. In case of doubt, consult our Technical Department.