Basic substance

Product made of chitosan

Efficient against bacteria

Foliar application

botella de quitosbac

Product made of chitosan, aminopolysaccharides biopolymer extracted from chitin, a structural component of the exoskeleton of crustaceans. The chitosan (CAS No: 9012-76-4) is treated with acid hydrochloric acid to obtain the hydrochloride chitosan which is more soluble in water.

QUITOSBAC is a basic substance with stimulating action of the natural defense mechanisms against bacteria. The plants have receptors to identify this polysaccharide, which gives them this autoimmune response. The degree of acetylation of the polymer chain, and the distribution of the monomers that make up the polymer, makes QUITOSBAC very efficient against bacteria instead of against fungi.

Use in organic farming approved by CAAE under the requirement RCE 834/2007 & NOP

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Mixtures & Compatibilities

Do not apply at high temperatures.