GelyFlow CaB


Concentrated suspension of calcium and boron

GELYFLOW-CaB is a concentrated suspension of calcium (Ca) and Boron (B) that allows a large amount of these nutrients to be supplied with very small volumes, saving on transport and handling of containers. It is especially recommended when small volumes of broth are used. GELYFLOW-CaB can be applied both via foliar and soil.

GELYFLOW-CaB jointly provides calcium (Ca) and boron (B) given the relationship and synergy between these elements. Ca and B are essential nutrients for the development of apical buds and root tips. In turn, the development of new roots is necessary for the absorption of Ca. Without these nutrients the growth of new shoots and roots is paralyzed. Both nutrients have very defined functions, such as cell wall synthesis and maintaining the integrity of the plasma membrane.
GELYFLOW-CaB is highly recommended in areas with high temperatures, low or very high relative humidity and high light intensity to avoid bitter-pitting or pressing, apical and foliar necrosis or fruit cracking. GELYFLOW-CaB is also advisable in areas where low temperatures and low light can interfere with pollination processes that result in deformed and / or hollow fruits.
GELYFLOW-CaB has a series of adjuvants that give it excellent wetting properties in its use. The high concentration of Ca and B provided with GELYFLOW-CaB contributes to a high foliar absorption due to passive diffusion effect.
Pour GELYFLOW-CaB over the volume of broth making proper agitation during mixing and application.

Available formats

Mixtures and Compatibilities

Avoid mixtures directly with strong acids, as well as with emulsifiable products and alkaline reaction products. Before preparing a final mixture, perform compatibility tests. In case of doubt, consult our Technical Department.