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CRIPTHUM is a liquid concentrated suspension of encapsulated humic and fulvic acid particles, fully active and extracted from carefully selected natural leonardite, whose main distinguishing feature with the rest of humic amendments present in the market is that it has an acidic pH.
CRIPTHUM is especially indicated to improve the structure of tired and highly mineralized soils, favoring the release of blocked nutrients and stimulating soil retention capacity. Likewise, its action of vegetative stimulation on the roots and aerial part of the plants, allows a better balanced development that affects increasing the productions.

Use in organic farming approved by CAAE under requirement RCE 834/2007

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Mixtures & Compatibilities

CRIPTHUM can be mixed with acidic products (sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric, etc.) as well as with products containing Calcium or Magnesium. Even so, it is recommended to perform compatibility tests. In case of doubt, consult the Technical Department.