arvensis agro

Agriculture, our passion & inspiration


Years of experience
Founded in 1998


We are present in more than 45 countries,
on 5 continents


Different formulations

Mission, vision and values


To favor the feeding of people worldwide, improving the quality and quantity of harvests in balance with the environment.


To continue building a unique and differentiated organization for its focus on global quality, research and responsibility with the environment, working in the development and transfer to the farmer of technology with plant nutrition/protection products that optimize harvests, strengthen and improve crops around the world while respecting nature and the environment.


    We are a consolidated project of development and innovation.

    Since its foundation in 1998 until today, Arvensis has placed itself as a leading company in the development of technology applied to agriculture. Located in Zaragoza, Spain (strategic logistic reference area), Arvensis is today a consolidated project of development, production and distribution of plant nutritionals for agriculture.


    A wide range of vegetal nutrition products

    In Arvensis we design, develop and formulate plant nutritional products both liquids and solids, with the aim of giving to “the land” a range of quality added-value products, as today’s market standards request.



    A strong relationship with our customers

    Our strong commitment and relationship with our customers, leads us to consider them also as “partners” in a common project. Arvensis constantly earmarked important percentages of it’s budget for R+D+i. For this, Arvensis not only has its own fields for experimental uses, but different agreements and collaborations with research center and institutions (CDTIIFAPA, Universities, …).

Arvensis Agro facilities. La Cartuja (Zaragoza)

Sustainability and environment

Sustainability and respect for the environment is one of the cornerstones of our company. Respect for the environment is reflected in each of the stages of the Arvensis production process and in each one of the final products that our Company develops.

Arvensis, in its eagerness to respect the environment, has invested much of its effort on Eco-logic line, with products for use in Organic Farming, presenting an extensive catalog with the certifications obtained with the most prestigious certifying entities, such as BCS-ÖKO, OMRI, CAAE and ECOCERT*.

Corporate Social Responsability

Part of Arvensis’ profits are returned to society through various solidarity activities. The Government of Aragon has wanted to recognize this effort by awarding us the Aragon Social Responsibility seal. This insignia is recognition of our company’s good practices in all areas and encourages us to continue with our commitment to improving society.

Quality Control

In Arvensis we identify ourselves as a company that always offers high quality products to its customers, using the best raw materials internationally for the development of our products. Likewise, we are also highly committed to offer the highest quality to our customers, we have a renewed image and sophisticated technology both for production and packaging process, giving Arvensis products the  greatest agronomic efficiency.

Products manufactured by Arvensis rigorously meet the regulatory requirements and also those that, whitout being mandatory, are demanded by our customers.

Arvensis produces products for agriculture with optimum quality that provide added value to the farmer. The company’s quality policy pursues customer satisfaction by obtaining quality products, perfectly meeting delivery times and guaranteeing a high quality/price ratio.