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Endophytic bacteria (Part 1)

Virtually all plants are colonised by a diversity of bacteria known as endophytes. These endophytic bacteria can be detected at a particular time within the tissues of apparently healthy plants

FROM Mineral Fertilization to Biofertilization (II):

As commented on previous post, since middle of 19th  Century the chemical síntesis of fertilizers opened the door for a new chemical agriculture. This model was favoured by the explosive development of the New Chemical Industry.

The aim was to end with the dependence of agriculture on livestock (contribution of fertilizers of animal origin) since these were limited and the growth of the world population demanded greater production and greater contributions..

How do we take care of our red fruits?

How do we take care of our red fruits against biotic stress produced by nematodes and fungi? Arvensis shares its extensive experience In the cultivation of strawberries and raspberries, the growth of seedlings is affected by a number of species of nematodes. The latter belong to a category of microscopic cylindrical worms without segment and […]