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Orsilik: The silicon of Arvensis Agro

SILICON APPLIED VIA FOLIAR AND FERTIGATION INDUCES RESISTANCE IN MANY CROPS AND IMPROVES THE QUALITY OF FRUITS One of the elements that is recommended to apply to crops is silicon since they benefit plants that are under stress. It has been proven that silicon improves the tolerance of plants and crops to droughts, salinity and […]

Organization of the industrial, commercial and administrative activity of ARVENSIS AGRO S.A. during the alert situation COVID-19

Dear Customers/Suppliers/collaborators: Due to the state of alarm and guidelines formalized in the Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14th, we would like to inform you that ARVENSIS is adopting preventive measures to protect the health of all our workers, clients, collaborators and suppliers while ensuring that our activity is carried out normally. ARVENSIS has prepared a contingency […]

A New Resounding Success of TARSSUS

A New Resounding Success of TARSSUS Nowadays the agriculture sector needs to have at its disposal the highest quality products including seeds, fertilizers and pesticides that are really effective. In ARVENSIS AGRO. we are completely committed to our customers and, to the environment. Therefore, we carry out the most intense and sophisticated studies to find the best products that […]

SAPONIT: Last Generation Organic Adjuvant

SAPONIT  is an organic adjuvant that improves the application of agrochemical products for foliar use, designed for use in both organic and conventional agriculture as a substitute for mineral oil in aerial applications. Microencapsulation Technology with Organic SAPONIT  is a product with microencapsulating properties, whose objective is to protect, stabilize and improve the miscibility of the active […]