Triamin Plus

Amino Acids

Energy, fights stress

Induction of resistance to the environment

Amino acids with micronutrients

High concentration of L-Amino Acids

TRIAMIN PLUS is a product with a high concentration of amino acids (especially has a high concentration of glycine, proline and glutamic acid) and organic matter (formed by short chain peptides), ideal for application in critical situations of the plant, when it has been severely damaged or has developmental disorders, enhancing the recovery.

TRIAMIN PLUS provides fundamental microelements such as Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc. The chelating and complexing activity of TRIAMIN PLUS prolongs the availability of the plant micronutrients avoiding future deficiencies.

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

NOT compatible with oils, sulfur, cupric products, and alcaline reaction products. Do NOT apply in plum tree. Before preparing the final mixture, a compatibility test has to be done. In case of doubt, ask to the Technical Department.