Granfol k40

Defense boosters

Improves performance

Improves crop health

High Potassium content 40%

Provides resistance to the plant

Granfol k40

GRANFOL-K40 is a liquid formulation of phosphorus in the form of phosphite ion and containing potash. The presence of potassium allows a better fattening and an improvement of the plant resistance. The phosphite ion incorporated in the product composition, after being absorbed by the plant, leads to increase plant’s natural resistance. Also, during this process of natural defenses induction, oxidation occurs from phosphite to phosphate ion, which can be used as a nutrient by the plant itself.

GRANFOL-K40 is ready for foliar and soil application. The product travels the circulatory torrent via xylem and phloem pathway.

*Product not marketed in the European Union

Product not marketed in the European Union

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

Do NOT mix directly with acid products of strong reaction, neither mineral oils or cupric produts. Before preparing the final mixture, a compatibility test has to be done. In case of doubt, ask to the Technical Department.