Amino Acids

Energy, fight stress

Drought resistance

Heat resistance

Resistance to salinity

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The amino acids are organic molecules that are part of proteins. The plants themselves are capable of amino acid biosynthesis by inorganic compounds such as nitrogen, sulfur and other organic compounds. To facilitate these processes and avoid the plants energy expenditure, alpha-amino acids are used, in a form (L-alfa) they can penetrate easily through plants organs. TRIAMIN contains major agronomic amino acids whose essential functions in plants are:

  • Chelating power
  • Stomata regulation
  • Root activity.

The essential micronutrients incorporated in TRIAMIN are essential for plant nutrition and are not found in traditional fertilizers. TRIAMIN has a fast and effective protective effect against abiotic stress. TRIAMIN increases the transport of K ions in the membranes of the plant which makes what is especially effective against drought, heat stroke and salinity. TRIAMIN improves the photosynthetic processes and the antioxidant potential of the plant, prolonging its cycle in high production.

For use as crop fertilizer in organic production according to the requirements of: (EC) nº 889/2008, Annex I (European Union) and JAS Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Agricultural Products (Japan) Notification No.1605. Table 1 by BCS ÖKO

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

TRIAMIN is NOT compatible with copper oils or mineral oils, sulfur, sulfocalcic products. Do NOT apply in plum tree. For olive tree, it can be mixed with sulfur or cuprous products. Before preparing the final mixture, a compatibility test has to be done. In case of doubt, ask to the Technical Department.