Soil Conditioners

Optimize irrigation water

Powerful soil structurizer

Facilitates water penetration

Improves absorption of nutrients

ABSORTIM is a powerful floor structure. It is a formulation that allows:

– High penetration and high dispersion of irrigation water or spray mixtures.

– Better water absorption in the root zone of plants.

– Increase in the moisturizing properties of water and the homogeneous distribution of the ingredient in the soil.

– Structuring clayey soils, since it breaks the clays, avoiding waterlogging and increasing aeration and drainage.

– Structuring of sandy soils, reducing infiltration losses and increasing the retention capacity of water and nutrients.

ABSORTIM is a formula that is not only capable of improving treatments, but also capable of improving the infiltration and retention of irrigation or rainwater in all types of soils, distributing it in a more extensive and uniform area.

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

Before preparing a final mixture, compatibility tests should be carried out. In case of doubt, consult the Technical Department.