Sugar Transfer

Organic Activator

Higher fruit weight

Improves crop quality

Degree increase ºBrix

Color (Uniformity + Intensity)

Fertilizer in organic farming

Sugar Transfer

SUGAR TRANSFER is a product that incorporates magnesium in its formulation, a key element in the formation of chlorophyll and one of those responsible for the plants to carry out photosynthesis processes. Involved in the plants respiration process (glycolysis) activating the main enzymes in the Krebs cycle, resulting in obtaining certain organic acids. With the application of the product, through the process of photosynthesis, a translocation of sugars is promoted from the production centers (leaves) to the fruits at the stage of development and maturation. Increases sugar content of the fruit without modifying the physiology of plants.

For use as crop fertilizer in organic production according to the requirements of: (EC) nº 889/2008, Annex I (European Union), USDA/NOP-Final rule (USA) §205.203(c)(3), 205.601(j) and JAS Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Agricultural Products (Japan) Notification No.1605. Table 1

Use in Organic Farming approved by CAAE under the requirement RCE 834/2007

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

SUGAR TRANSFER is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitaries. Before preparing the final mixture, a compatibility test has to be done. In case of doubt, ask to the Technical Department.