Cultivando el futuro con Arvensis Agro

Growing the future with Arvensis Agro

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26 years of experience

caring for your plants and crops 

  • 1998


    Foundation of Arvensis Agro as a distribution company

  • 2000

    Opening of the first industrial factory in Zaragoza



  • 2001


    Traslado a la nueva fábrica en Fuentes de Ebro

  • 2004

    Launch of Arvensis in Chile through the creation of the company Aragro S.A.



  • 2007


    First ecological certifications products BCS, CAAE

  • 2009

    Launch of the ECO-LOGIC product range



  • 2012


    Rebranding de Arvensis

  • 2015

    Launch of the first Microbiology product



  • 2017


    New Facilities, new dreams. Moving to the new factory in La Cartuja (Zaragoza).

  • 2019

    Recognition of Arvensis as an INNOVATIVE SME by the Spanish government



  • 2020-2021


    Digitization and professionalization of all company departments

  • 2022

    ISO environmental certification



  • 2023


    25 years of experience caring for your plants and crops.

A story of
passion for agriculture

ARVENSIS AGRO was born at the end of 1998, at that time, two professionals from different specialities joined forces to lead and promote a new project undertaken by an external investment group. One of them provided the technical and commercial side while the other one was in charge of the management side of the business.
The adventure started on 2 October in a 22 m2 rented office with two desks and a second-hand computer. Entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and careful planning were guiding the way. After 3 years of tireless dedication and effort to move forward, demonstrating to the shareholders that the project was viable, their expectations were consolidated and they pushed the business to more genuine and personal goals.
According to these two entrepreneurs, “we continued working for forging ahead with commitment and courage to develop the company. At that time, we were only bottling formulas that we bought from local manufacturers, but this fact itself was very limiting for us in terms of developing our business. We were determined to further goals, we wanted to start our own manufacturing and packaging in order to be not only more versatile, but also faster supplying our products and above all, a company innovatively positioning itself with unique, quality products, adapted to the market needs and requirements.
Our first big investment was our first plastic “reactor”, which was first step towards a new stage as an industrial company, leaving behind the commercial model.
Our next investments were related to people, at the very beginnin a chemist to teach us to create our own and differenciated product portfolio, allowing us to minimize the trivial and not very profitable products range.
What memories! Our first batches were epic and we had so much fun.
In 2002, after 4 years in the business, a new stage of expansion began, we moved to Fuentes de Ebro. The move lasted 7 months, starting with the production line in December 2002 and finishing with the office in July 2003.
A new relocation in 2017, this time to La Cartuja in Zaragoza, allowed us to provide the company with more modern and innovative facilities.
25 years later, so many kilometres and flying hours on our back, having shared countless anecdotes and experiences, we are now in a phase of expansion, we would really like to provide the company with a more professional team and productive, innovative and environmentally friendly facilities. We understand it as a “take off” challenging process, a bet which result is not warranted but our enthusiasm remains strong and we feel our team have powerfull and race-ready engines”.

1998-2023, Arvensis Agro