GelyFlow Mg


GELYFLOW-Mg is a concentrated suspension of magnesium

GELYFLOW-Mg is a concentrated suspension of magnesium (Mg) that allows to provide a large amount of the nutrient with very small volumes, saving on the transport and handling of containers. It is especially recommended when small volumes of broth are used. GELYFLOW-Mg can be applied both via foliar and soil.

GELYFLOW-Mg is essential to maintain a high photosynthetic activity: Mg participates in ATP formation, CO2 fixation, protein synthesis, chlorophyll formation, phloem transport, partition and use of photoassimilates and photo -oxidation in the leaves. GELYFLOW-Mg is essential to maximize the transport of carbohydrates from the source organs to the sink organs (root, wood, seeds). GELYFLOW-Mg increases fertilization efficiency by enhancing root development. Apply GELYFLOW-Mg to the appearance of the typical internerval chlorosis due to lack of Mg in old leaves, more common under high light intensities and water limitations.

GELYFLOW-Mg foliarly applied has an excellent and rapid absorption by the adjuvants incorporated in its formulation, which provide excellent wetting. In addition, its high concentration favors foliar absorption by passive diffusion.

Preventively apply GELYFLOW-Mg, especially on worn, sandy and washed soils. Apply GELYFLOW-Mg via foliar or fertigation in acidic pH soils to facilitate the release of organic acids by roots that counteract the toxic effects of aluminum. Calcium amendments without magnesium usually give Mg deficiency problems. The use of GELYFLOW-Mg is recommended accompanying limestone amendments, since in addition to regulating the pH, it increases the Mg of the soil and prevents magnesium deficiencies due to the Ca / Mg antagonism. Pour GELYFLOW-Mg over the volume of broth making proper agitation during mixing and application.

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Mixtures and Compatibilities

Avoid mixtures directly with strong acids, as well as with emulsifiable products and alkaline reaction products. Before preparing a final mixture, perform compatibility tests. In case of doubt, consult our Technical Department.