Basic substance

Basic substance made of Equisetum arvense

Efficient against against pathogenic fungi

Foliar application

botella de equistun

EQUISTUN is a basic substance made of Equisetum arvense L known as horsetail (Nº CAS: 71011-23-9). The equisetum is a perennial bush to the Equisetaceae family, that presents a rhizomatous stem and is distributed throughout the northern hemisphere. It is rich in silicon (10-25% MS) in nanoparticle form (SiO2). In addition, also it is characterized by its flavonoids content, like hydroxycinnamic acids (caffeic acid and phenolic acids), compounds that have antimicrobial and antifungal activity.

EQUISTUN strengthens the defense mechanisms of crops against pathogenic fungi. Thanks to the silicon EQUISTUN provides rigidity to the plant walls, making difficult for the fungi to cause infections. In addition, thanks to the careful extraction process, EQUISTUN presents in its chemical composition styrylpyrones, which are part of the chemical composition of the fungi, triggering in the plant a defensive response against the presence of these metabolites.

Use in organic farming approved by CAAE under the requirement RCE 834/2007 & NOP

Available formats

Mixtures & Compatibilities

Do not apply at high temperatures. This product does not have a safety term for fruit trees and vines. In tomato and cucumber, we must apply the product 15 days before the harvest.

Antes de preparar una mezcla final conviene realizar unas pruebas de compatibilidad.