Environmental policy – ISO 14001

Arvensis Agro S.A

ARVENSIS AGRO, a leading Aragonese SME in the development of technology applied to agriculture, has sustainability and respect for the environment as its main pillars.

The bases of ARVENSIS AGRO’s environmental awareness are based on the following commitments:

  • Prevention

    of pollution by assessing potential risks to the environment, from the design of new formulations to the distribution of products.

  • Awareness

    and training for employees, suppliers, customers and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Transparency

    in the communication on environmental aspects between the different areas of the organisation and the stakeholders related to our activities.

  • Continuous improvement

    of the company’s environmental performance, promoting the rational use of natural and energy resources, as well as the reuse and minimisation of waste generated and environmental impacts.


At Arvensis we are committed to green policies and to the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System, defining objectives and goals that allow us to evolve and continue innovating in the environmental field.

Our involvement is seen at every stage of the production process and in every (formulated) product placed on the market.

  • Water reuse

  • Zero paper

  • Photovoltaic energy

  • Environment


Certificates of use in organic agriculture

Our presence in the international arena is supported by our membership of leading business organisations and the qualification of various internationally recognised quality seals.

The MANAGEMENT of Arvensis Agro S.A.

Date of update: 16/11/22