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Arvensis designs, develops and formulates liquid and solid plant nutritional products. We offer to our customers a wide range of resources, providing them custom-made solutions depending on their needs.

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We have an area specialising in biotechnology complemented with a laboratory focus on agrarian microbiology. 

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Ecologic certificate   Ecologic certificate

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A New Resounding Success of TARSSUS

Nowadays the agriculture sector needs to have at its disposal the highest quality products including seeds, fertilizers and pesticides that are really effective.

SAPONIT: Last Generation Organic Adjuvant

SAPONIT is an organic adjuvant that improves the application of agrochemical products for foliar use, designed for use in both organic and conventional agriculture as a substitute for mineral oil in aerial applications.

The arrival of spring and summer attracts aphids and other pests

Almost all farmers have suffered in their farms an attack of aphids. It is one of the most common pests. The plague of aphids is accompanied by a plague of ants that become their allies and defenders in front of their predators.

Expected success in the presentation of Tarssus, Racinett and Xilotrom to Egypt’s most important agricultural firms

We presented our Ecologic Range that include Tarssus, Racinett and Xilotrom to the most important farms in the Egyptian agricultural sector.