The design of new products is crucial for most companies survival. Although there are some companies who experience little changes in their products, most companies must constantly review and improve them. In markets with constant changes, like the one in which is immersed ARVENSIS, the introduction of new products is a way of life and we have been forced to developed sophisticated methods to introduce new products.



The ARVENSIS Technical Department, joint with the R+D+i Department, consists of a highly qualified team of agricultural experts, chemists and biochemists who seek to satisfy the demands of the industry by offering high quality solutions.


The development of a product must be well organized involving several stages going from research of the needs demanded by customers until the final design and subsequent market acceptance. To be successfull obtaining a final product, effective and of high quality, our experts should select the best idea, design prototypes and evaluate them, first in the laboratory and after in the test field, in order to clasify them according to their effectiveness.



In order to succesfully pass this procedure ARVENSIS has:


• A Chemistry Laboratory where performs the needed formulation tests ensuring the highest quality of the final products.

• A Biology Laboratory that deals with effectiveness test in a laboratory environment.

• A Pilot Plant to produce special formulas in semi-industrial scale.

• A Greenhouse to grow different species and varieties,  allowing to reproduce the results obtained in the laboratory but in a natural environment.

• If laboratory tests are successful, field trials will be done starting from the best prototypes. For this purpose, ARVENSIS has an Experimental Farm Belchite town (Zaragoza) and the chance to collaborate with qualified customers and partners for more specific testing.



The Technical Department joint with the R + D + i Department do not only have to develop and create new products but they also have to develop a set of information to ensure the feasibility of the use of the products by the end user. This information set should contain details regarding the product, dosage, mode of application, details related to product performance and similar matters that are normally found in technical documentation packages fully accessible to the customers through many channels, for instance, on this website.