Orsilik: The silicon of Arvensis Agro


One of the elements that is recommended to apply to crops is silicon since they benefit plants that are under stress. It has been proven that silicon improves the tolerance of plants and crops to droughts, salinity and that it also delays premature defoliation caused by disease, atmospheric problems or even chemical agents.

Silicon improves the absorption of phosphorus, which is why it is indicated in deficit situations, both due to blockages in the soil or due to stages of crop cycle that are most needed by the plant (rooting, fruit setting, flowering ...).

Silicon has also been shown to improve the toughness and strength of plant stems. Several studies show that when plants are lacking in silicon, their stems become weaker and can split due to rain and wind. Among the benefits of silicon is also resistance to fungi.

Applied foliarly, it creates a thin layer of silicon on the cuticle which, in addition to having hygroscopic properties, creates a barrier that protects the crop from possible infection. Applied in fertigation, Si, after its absorption, is deposited amorphously in the cell walls, contributing to the mechanical properties of the wall, improving its rigidity and elasticity, thus protecting the crop against possible infections.

According to the Study published by Y.C. Liang et al. “Effects of foliar- and root-applied silicon on the enhancement of induced resistance to powdery mildew in Cucumis sativus”1, it was concluded that foliar‐applied Silicon can effectively control infections by Podosphaera  xanthii  via the physical barrier of Si deposited on leaf surfaces of cucumber, and/or osmotic effect of the silicate applied, while continuously root‐applied Si can enhance defence resistance in response to infection by P. xanthii in cucumber.

In the case of table grape, some results of field experiences have shown consistent improvements in the quality of the fruit, in specific attributes that show a significant difference in post-harvest conditions, even with long storage. The berries that have received the treatment with silicon show a greater firmness of the cuticle and a lower incidence and severity of rots.

ORSILIK is a biostimulant of last generation that contains silicon nanoparticles in its composition with potassium. Trust ORSILIK to achieve maximum profitability in your harvest, a lot of experience in the field and multiple trials guarantee its effectiveness.


1 “Effects of foliar- and root-applied silicon on the enhancement of induced resistance to powdery mildew in Cucumis sativus” Y. C. Liang, W. C. Sun, J. Si, V. Römheld

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