A New Resounding Success of TARSSUS

A New Resounding Success of TARSSUS

Nowadays the agriculture sector needs to have at its disposal the highest quality products including seeds, fertilizers and pesticides that are really effective.

In ARVENSIS AGRO. we are completely committed to our customers and, to the environment. Therefore, we carry out the most intense and sophisticated studies to find the best products that benefit farmers and are respectful of environment. That’s why we have created TARSSUS, a natural biostimulant that provides unbeatable results.

Here we share with our loyal followers a very illustrative photos of a trial recently conducted in Egypt in strawberries crop affected by thrips... before applying Tarssus and 5 days after application...

It’s spectacular!!!!! ... Tarssus has reinforced the plant against the attack of the plague ... A stronger, more rigorous and much better looking plant is seen… TARSSUS was not harmful to auxiliary fauna

Increasingly proud of the achievements made with TARSSUS around the World!!!



Before application (strong thrips attack)





5 days afeter TARSSUS application