Higher performance
Chlorophyll production
Photosynthetic efficiency
Zinc and manganese complexed


FERTIMIX-ZnMn is a fertilizer that, due to its balanced composition of Zinc and Manganese, covers the preventive and,  curative needs as well, when deficiency problems appears in plants.

The product is complexed  with gluconic acid, additionally containing, organic nitrogen which facilitates absorption by plants. The role of zinc in plants is essential in nucleic acid synthesis, auxins and growth hormones metabolism, promotes protein synthesis, contributes seed formation and is essential for the chlorophyll formation.

Use in Organic Farming approved by CAAE under the requirement RCE 834/2007

Mixtures & Compatibilities

Do NOT mix with strong acid reaction products (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric, acid, etc) as well as emulsifying products and products with alkaline reaction. Before preparing the final mixture, a compatibility test has to be done. In case of doubt, ask to the Technical Department.



The user is responsible for any damages caused (fault of efficacy, toxicity, residues, etc..) by total or partial inobservance of the label.

Foliar or radicular?
Both types
Primary Function / Purpose
Source of Manganese
Source of Zinc

La compañía garantiza la composición, la formulación y el contenido, sin embargo no se responsabiliza del mal uso que se de al producto, formulado exclusivamente para uso agrícola, el cual está destinado única y exclusivamente a ser aplicado en los cultivos recomendados y a la dosis recomendada en el apartado de “DOSIFICACIÓN”, con el fin expuesto en el apartado de “DESCRIPCIÓN”. El usuario será responsable de los daños causados (falta de eficacia, toxicidad en general, residuos, etc.) por inobservancia total o parcial de las instrucciones de la etiqueta.